Some common questions about the RouteTIP mobile app:

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How does RouteTIP work?

RouteTIP is a network of beacons which send messages via the RouteTIP app RouteTIP smartphone app via bluetooth.  If you have installed the app, the beacon will know when you're close by and send you a message about the route ahead of you.

The RouteTIP beacons are owned and installed by the transport authority in your area. Interfaced with their existing traffic monitoring technology and programmed to send alerts to help you avoid hazards, heavy traffic to help you travel safely and quickly to your destination and reduce pollution.

Is RouteTIP handsfree?

Yes! We have designed RouteTIP to be handsfree and we recommend that a dash or windscreen mount is used if you are driving the vehicle. We have purposely made the app non-interactive, it requires no input from the user whilst they're on their journey.    

The alerts received by RouteTIP are either short messages or symbols just as you would see on road signs at the side of the road, making them easy to understand and reducing distraction. 

What type of alerts does RouteTIP send?

The RouteTIP app is able to communicate hundreds of different alerts, it is up to your Transport Agency which messages are important for your location. Each beacon will be programmed by the transport authority to send either a static/consistent or variable message, this can be audio-only or visual and audio. 

Some beacons may be programmed to relay real time information, such as traffic conditions including accidents, road conditions such as ice or snow, and the beacons may even relay important civil defense messages. Other beacons might be simply advise of a specific hazard, such as temporary roadworks or a school zone. 

The beacons can be relocated and can be used to advise of temporary situations such as planned roadworks, or they may even be mobile, such as on a school bus or emergency vehicle. 

Is my data safe with RouteTIP? 

Relax! The RouteTIP beacons don't record any personal data. The beacons talk to your phone via Bluetooth, that means its doesn't use your data or wifi to connect which is great because you can save battery life. 

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