How RouteTIP can help your agency:

RouteTIP beacons send messages to the RouteTIP app on a smart phone, and in future this will be interfaced with the vehicles infotainment system (i.e. Android Auto, Apple Carplay).  

Road Safety

The beacons are cost effective and can be used instead of, or in support of, existing road signage including safety signage such as:

  • Speed warning signs

  • Road and weather condition alerts

  • School zone speed restriction signs

  • School bus alerts 

  • Emergency vehicle alerts

  • Single lane bridges

  • Alerts for major intersections

  • Alerts for dangerous corners

RouteTIP can be easily programmed to work in numerous international languages.

Real-Time Journey Time Information

Route TIP interfaces with journey time systems, to convey journey time messages.

Street signs have limitations as they can usually only display in one direction, in one language. RouteTIP can convey journey time in multiple directions, meaning one sensor can replace the need for two signs. Being much cheaper than signs sensors, RouteTIP beacons might be installed in many more locations for the same budget. 

Linked with journey time systems or with messages from a central office the beacons may also convey journey times for two different routes. The results could balance network usage and making the whole network more efficient.

Public Transport and Cycle Safety 

RouteTIP also has applications for public transport, providing much more accurate information on journey times. HMI has also devised numerous systems to improve road safety for cyclists and these can be interfaced with RouteTIP.